Vitaliya Kruchiny street, 3, Yelizovo city
Kamchatka region, Russia

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Restaurant Fishery

You are welcome to visit our fish restaurant “Fishery”, located in the hotel building, which keeps its doors open for you from noon to midnight on weekdays and from noon to 2:00 AM on weekends.

We offer various fish cuisine, cozy, modern interior and friendly service.

The menu includes probably all the best that sea can offer: starting with shrimps, mussels and crabs to selected fish of Kamchatka. In the kitchen we have a team of cooks turning gifts from the sea into charming delicacies.

Apart from this the restaurant’s menu includes a wide choice of meat and poultry.

"Fishery" fish restaurant offers to enjoy real Kamchatka seafood. There are various dishes of chinook steaks, halibut, cod, baked Kamchatka crabs, Far Eastern octopus with spinach, scallops and mussels and, of course, famous Kamchatka caviar and salmon. Restaurant's menu includes European, Russian and Oriental dishes, as well as dishes from Kamchatka's nature - moose, fern, cranberries.

From 12:00 PM till 4:00 PM you can quickly and cheaply to have dinner under the day time menu.

You can make a preliminary order or have a room service via internal line, dialing 105.

Restaurant opening hours:

from 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM on weekdays
from 12:00 PM до 2:00 AM on weekends.

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