Additional services

Name of service Price, rubles
Extra breakfast 650
Extra bed 1 500
Pre-term change of bed-linen (extra set of bed-linen) 500
Pre-term change of bed-linen (pillow-case) 100
Pre-term change of bed-linen (bed-sheet) 150
Pre-term change of bed-linen (blanket-case) 250
Pre-term change of bed-linen (towel) 100


laundry services:


Name Price, rubles
1 A Shirt 300
2 Socks 50
3 A Handkerchief 50
4 Underwear 100
5 Tee shirt / t-short 200
6 Pyjamas 300
7 Shorts 160
8 Dress 360
9 Trousers / jeans / skirt 360
10 A Blouse 300
11 A Sweater 360
12 A sports costume 360
13 A jacket / jacket 600
14 Travel clothing 600
15 Backpack 400



Name Price, roubles
1 A costume / suit 200
2 A jacket 100
3 Trousers / jeans 100
4 A tie / a scarf 50
5 A sweater 100
6 A shirt / А blouse 100
7 A dress 200
8 An evening dress 400
9 A skirt 80
10 A coat 150
11 A jacket 150

The relaxing atmosphere of our sauna is at your disposal. Sauna can take up to 4 people. It offers a steam room and relaxation room.

You can book the sauna connecting the hotel manager or via the internal line, dialing 101.

Price: 1500 rubles per 1 hour visit.

On the ground floor of the hotel is a restroom. Here you can play billiards, listen to music or just have dinner in an enjoyable atmosphere. On the question of visiting the restroom, connect the manager or make a call via internal line, dialing 101.
Opening hours of the restroom – round-the-clock.

Wi-Fi is reception free. A card with the password to log on the network you can get at the hotel

The instruction on use of the safe.

1. How to close the safe

1.1 Open the safe, press the red button inside of the safe. As soon as the yellow light-emitting diode will light up, it is necessary to enter a code (from 3 up to 8 figures).

1.2 Enter a new code of the user and press #

1.3 Close a door and turn the handle. In 2 seconds the door is automatically blocked.


2. How to open the safe

2.1 Enter a code (from 3 up to 8 figures). By pressing each figure works a sound buzzer and the yellow light-emitting diode lights up.

2.2 Turn the handle and open the safe.


Additional free service

– If you wish to iron your clothes by yourself, you’ll have to connect our manager via 101, and we’ll get an iron and an ironing-board to Your room
– Our hotel manager can order a local taxi for you any time
– Onyour preliminary request we can transfer you from and to the airport the time you need.

Art-Hotel situated in the centre of Elizovo, this hotel features a spa area with a sauna. Prices for hotels in Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky