Sauna «Art Hotel»

Dear visitors of hotel “ART-HOTEL”!

At your service in hotel the cosy sauna works.



You can visit a sauna in advance stipulated (not less than for 2 hours) with the manager of hotel time.

A cozy sauna works in the hotel at your service. You can book the sauna connecting the hotel manager or via the internal line, dialing 101.


To smoke in a sauna, to pour water on stones of the electric furnace (it is dangerous to a life!).

The sauna is completed a shower cabin, furniture from rattan and a tree, a room of rest with a king size bed, the TV, teapot, hair drier, phone.

From a sauna it is possible to call in restaurant and to make the order with delivery.

At visiting a sauna the towel will be given to you, catch a cold, a dressing gown, disposable slippers, other toilet accessories.

Cost of 1 hour of stay in a sauna 1500 RUR makes.

Minimal time of stay in a sauna – 2 hours.

The maximal accommodation in a sauna – 4 persons.

Yours faithfully, Administration of the Art hotel in Kamchatka!