Russia, Kamchatka krai
Elizovo city, Vitaliy Kruchiny st. 3
phone. +7 (415-31) 7-14-43
fax +7 (415-31) 7-36-04

Welcome to Art-Hotel!

Dear guests!

The hotel “Art-Hotel” is situated in the heart of Elizovo city in Kamchatka. It is possible to say: “in strategically advantageous place”. It will take you just 5 minutes to get to the airport or to the famous mountain-skiing base “Moroznaya”, and a trip to the ski lodge and biathlon base “Lesnaya” where the international biathlon and skiing competitions take place will not take more than 20 minutes of your time. The road to the main attractions of Kamchatka begins here. Distance to the regional center as well as to the health resort zone “Paratunka” constitutes 20 km. The hotel offers spectacular views of the “domestic” group volcanoes: Koryak, Avacha and Kozelsky. The two-stored building of the hotel includes 16 rooms, bar, restaurant and a sauna.

Fish restaurant menu of the hotel is mostly represented by “the gifts of nature” of Kamchatka, such as fish soup of Kamchatka, silver salmon grilled steak, elk bulgogi, cranberry juice and many others..

The “Art-Hotel” bar will please you with natural coffee and great choice of varietal beer, which you can fully enjoy with the sound of crackling wood burning in the fireplace.

The hotel is equipped with a sauna to save guests from fatigue and help them relax after numerous hours of walking in the open air of Kamchatka’s nature.

Accommodation prices at the “Art-Hotel” are among the most inexpensive on the peninsula. Four categories of comfortable rooms allow guests to choose the level of accommodation, corresponding to strictness and planned travel budget. Among the payment methods available you may choose from cash or bank transfer, as well as using the cards: Visa, Master Card, Maestro, Pro100.

Standard room includes television (cable TV), mini-bar, kettle, safe, hairdryer, iron (by request), disposable belongings, mineral water.

Customer service includes laundry and ironing, extra maid service.

You can book a sightseeing trip around the city and to the thermal springs in the hotel. Гостиница на Камчатке